World Of Warcraft Musical References

Ok it’s time to admit that far from spending my late nights drinking champagne and jetting across the atlantic, I do seem to spend a fair amount of it playing World of Warcraft.

I’ve played WOW since it first came out (my son’s fault) and despite unsubscribing to play Warhammer Online and Rift to name a couple, I have found myself coming back to the game to play again and again.

So it is that in my current incarnation on a European server that I am being constantly amused by the musical references that drop now and again in the character conversation or quest titles.

There I was walking up a hill with Kingslayer Orkus when he suddenly turns around in the middle of his reminiscing and says “Glory days, ******** they’ll pass you by”. Bruce Springsteen might sue 🙂

I know of a few more which I list below but would be interested to see if there are a lot more and also if people have a different take on this.

I make no apologies for playing and referring to World of Warcraft and no I’m not divulging my characters names or the server, although I have toyed with the idea of calling a toon Vinylization on a server, but that might be asking for trouble 🙂

Anyway here’s my list and keep an eye on Ebay and Discogs in particular where I have listed singles by Gang Of Four, Penetration, Stiff Little Fingers and Honey Bane. I will shortly list Supertramp, Cat Stevens, Squeeze and Moody Blues albums along with a selection of classical albums and a Louis Armstrong Parlophone collection that looks mint.

Cheers and see if you can add to this list,  you fellow sad multi-player gamers you 🙂


Avenged Sevenfold: There is a quest called Returned Sevenfold which has to be a reference to the Metal band although I’m sure the more biblical of you will argue the toss.

Elvis Presley: There is a quest called Return To Sender. Nuff said??

Cannibal Corpse: There is a character called Gorge the Corpsegrinder which is surely a reference to George Fisher.

Guns’N’Roses: There’s a quest called Welcome To The Jungle.

Iron Maiden: There’s a quest called Aces High.

James Brown: The godfather of soul himself is parodied by a character called Bronjahm Godfather Of Souls.

Depeche Mode: There’s a quest called Master And Servant.

Men Without Hats: There is actually an achievement called Safety Dance. Rofl!! Well you can dance if you wannooo.

Pink Floyd: There is a quest called The Delicate Sound Of Thunder. There’s also a quest called Welcome To The Machine which believe it or not contains the text, “Come in here dear ***** , have a cigar. You’re gonna go far and fly high as a ranking officer of the Forsaken.”

Nelly: The achievement “Getting Cold In Here”, a reference to Hot in Here. You would need to change the words to “It’s getting cold in here so put on all your clothes”.

Siouxsie and the Banshees: There’s actually a character called Siouxsie and the Banshee.

ABC: There’s a quest called “When Smokey Sings I Get Violent”.

Led Zeppelin: There’s a quest called Houses Of The Holy.

MC Hammer: Check out the male Orc’s dance.

Olivia Newton-John: Three bankers in Stormwind are called Olivia, Newton and John.

Rammstein: There is a character in Stratholme instance called Ramstein.

The Beatles: There is a quest called “With A Little Help From My Friends” where you have to rescue a character called “Ringo”.

Tenacious D: There’s a belt that drops in Hellfire Ramparts called The Tenacious Defenderwhich has the description “It has the power….to move you.” a lift from “Wonderboy”.



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