RIP Davy Jones 1945 – 2012

Just a quick post to pay my respects to Davy Jones.
I was brought up with The Monkees TV show and probably know all their songs as well as I know the songs of Dream Theater and Coheed & Cambria.
Davy was an actor and a jockey before being propelled into stardom with The Monkees.

For me the memory of that buttoned up shirt and tambourine will last forever along with the many, many songs.

And the songs were memorable with contributions from Neil Diamond, Boyce & Hart, Carole King and Harry Nillson to name but a few.

So it is with sadness that I have learned of his death today and my concolences go to Davy’s friends and family.

I leave you with a song that Davy allegedly wasn’t sure of when it was first put to the band. However the song quickly hit No. 1 with Davy on lead vocals and became one of the most enduring Monkee’s songs.

RIP Davy Jones Daydream Believer.




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