About Vinylization

Vinylization is an online vinyl record dealing business based in Warwickshire.

The business is based on communication, accurate product descriptions and customer satisfaction.

As regards communication we are contactable here, by email, Facebook, MySpace and Twitter.

I personally love the idea of open converation with customers and potential customers and would encourage you to contact us at all times. You will always get a reply…guaranteed!!!!

Please see the vinyl grading section for how the vinyl we sell is graded. A plus or a minus means that the vinyl falls between 2 grades.

In addition to this, by contacting us, you can have further information or clarification on an item.

We are also want customers or viewers to ask questions or advice about any of our listings or indeed any piece of vinyl.

Please note that we only operate as an Ebay store and are unable to supply outside of this format.

This is for your added piece of mind, security and also because Ebay generates more traffic than we do on the internet 🙂

Please read the News page for updates about what we are up to at the present time. There may be announcements made that will be of interest to you.

Browse the Ebay store, ask questions, leave comments, engage in conversation and please recommend us!!



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2 comments to “About Vinylization”
2 comments to “About Vinylization”

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