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Just added Orange Injection label release of Billy Joel’s Uptown Girl complete with original picture sleeve to Discogs. The sleeve is very clean and tidy and the vinyl is like new, but what is really amazing is the almost mint condition of the injection labels. Very definitely the best labels of this type I have seen.

Original UK release of Elton John’s Crocodile Rock with diecut DJM paper sleeve and Pye wording to the bottom of the sleeve. Dick James Music Limited credits and A2 B2 matrixes.

Also on Discogs you will find the 1971 release of Mungo Jerry’s Lady Rose. This is in fact a 7″ Ep and is in lovely condition. Probably better known for the release prior to this, “You Don’t Have To Be In The Army To Fight In The War”, this EP remains a prime example of Mungo Jerry’s unique  brand of “blues meets skiffle rock” music.

Let me say right now that I absolutely hate “injection” labels. They wear badly and where conventional labels will usually get some spindle marks, spindle marks on injection labels usually resemble gouging or deep grooves. They also smudge and scuff horrifically and irrepairably. This makes them, in my opinion, one of the worst ideas anyone ever had when it comes to pressing records. So I hope you will forgive me when I wax lyrical about an item just for having fantastic looking “injection” labels. This is exactly the case with the Uptown Girl vinyl I have and is also the case with the 7″ vinyl UK release of Janet Jackson’s Let’s Wait Awhile I have. It’s not brilliantly collectable and neither am I a fan, but it’s so rare to find this release in this condition that I felt it well worthwhile mentioning.

On the Ebay front there are one or two more unusual items available. There is a Demo of TRB’s Alright All Night with Black Angel on the B side. I have not come across this before and can find no other listing of it anywhere or any recorded sale. I have listed on Ebay as I cannot be sure what the value might be. The vinyl runs for another 4-5 days on Ebay and if there are no offers I will probably archive it as it might be very collaectable in the future.

There is also a copy of Mel Smith’s Greatest Hits currently with 4-5 days left on auction as well. This I have seen for sale and sold on other sites and by other dealers so I have listed for roughly 50% of the usual asking price. Why is this collectable? Well basically it is produced by Roger Taylor (Queen) who also plays on it. Again it might be better archived for a while if there is no real interest in it. I certainly won’t be giving it away despite the really annoying B side.

As a final note it’s probably worth pointing out that I am surely the most useless user of Facebook with only 8 likes. If anyone would like to like my Facebook page then please do so. It would also be an excellent means of contacting me for information or general music chat. You can find the most unloved page in the history of Facebook at VINYLIZATON ON FACEBOOK

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