Shaolin Death Squad – Five Deadly Venoms

There is a concept that there is no truly original music, that all things done these days have been done before, not necessarily better but nevertheless they have been there and wore the t-shirt.

So our quest for originality is doomed to failure from the start because even if the above philosophy is not correct we are tainted by the thought that, “sounds like Metallica”, “Ahh Faith No More clone” and so on and so forth.

It’s an undeniable fact that whatever music we make, it may well be influenced by the bands and artists we love, and if that is the case then everything must be able to be categorised. Right!!

Well here’s the proof that it’s wrong.

You can say with SDS that “that bit sounds like” and “oh that phrasing there reminds me of”. What you cannot do is compare them to any other band as a whole because someone listening to any particular track would spend days laughing on the floor at you and asking for the paramedics!!

So with that in mind I put it to you that originality lies in the art of variation and the ability to fuse different styles together seamlessly, unless of course someone has recorded an album by belting, monkeys with trumpets, standing on dustbins with wet kippers, but then that would be in the Tate surely.

So how do you review an album? How do you describe what the listener will get when they buy the cd or download (legally!!) the mp3.

Well here’s a novel concept, what about using the listener’s ears???

The album opens with the classical guitar piece you all will know, trust me, “Romanza”. Probably a very apt opener in many ways as people spend most of their time arguing over who actually wrote it!!

Where we kick off into more familiar territory is with Track 2 “Centipede”. Are you ready guys? See below and turn your ears on 🙂

Convinced yet?? Musicianship coupled with a great voice. Already in the 2nd track you hear the ability to adapt and phrase in the vocals. Yeah, but what about track 3.

Track 3 is called Snake. Jeez I’ve worked with a few of them. Enough already. Ears on!!

What I love about this track along with the pitched vocals and random cowboy guitar bit in the middle is that it has now given me the ability to softly sing the words “I’m right behind you” whilst approaching people I can’t stand!! Trust me, this is a great feeling!! Errmmm…onto track 4 – Scorpion


This track has grandiose passages, sometimes intrumental, sometimes vocal, and then will break into what I like to call a Metal chug (for people of a nervous disposition, don’t worry you’ll know what I mean when you come to it). Rhythmic menace combined with an operatic feel. Gotta love it!!

Track 5 is Lizard and this one will be the death of me!! I’ve hit myself in the face with the hoover whilst listening to it, walked into a door and stabbed my hand with a fork whilst doing what can only be described as St Vitus Dance when it comes on. Energetic and anthemic, erratic and head-banging. All good things come to those who wait and this one came to me. Somewhat dangerously for me, but I’m getting better at bouncing around 🙂 Fasten your safety belt and turn those ears on…

There are 6 more tracks to go on this album, but that’s as far as I’m prepared to go at this point. Why???

Because by now you should’ve added the guys on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace or whatever else you can find them on at the very least. I include links below!!!

If you have already took this one step further then do everyone a favour and buy the album!!

Remember…. Keep Music Alive Guys!!!

Right I’ve put away all the pointy objects, padded the walls and opened all the doors. I’m gonna put Lizard on again. Wish me luck!!


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