Pressure Points – Remorses to Remember

Pressure Points – Remorses to Remember

I really don’t remember how I came across this one.

It isn’t like it’s anyone I had heard of before or someone had recommended it to me.       The album is kind of death metal meets progrock meets symphonic metal and more.

There I was listening to the first track thinking omg another Opeth clone when suddenly in cuts the organ and we’ve gone back a few years in progland.
If you’re looking for complete originality and an escape from “omg!! that sounds like…” moments then this is not really going to be for you.
On the flipside though all of the obvious influences (Opeth, Dream Theater, Swallow The Sun and more no doubt) come together brilliantly.
The death metal growls and grunts are as expected but it’s on the clean vocals and harmonies mainly around what can only be called the anthemic bits that this band really excels and grips your attention. Having read a few other reviews it seems that arguments against them comprise of unoriginality and plagiarism which I would contend are weak arguments at best. After all, who is truly original and not influenced by other bands??? Leave me alone Shaolin Death Squad followers!!
If you like death metal, prog and melodic and soulful music all rolled into one then check out this album.
For me personally it’s a must have in my collection and thank god I stumbled it across it.
Comments, opinions and further recommendations welcome 🙂

Pressure Points – Remorses To Remember
Track List
1. Atonement 10:08
2. Temptation for Hate 7:26
3. Edge of Endurance 7:44
4. Calm 2:24
5. The Past Within 6:32
6. Out of Sync 9:13
7. Grand Delusion 9:36

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