Album of the Month October 2015

So we thought to ourselves, hey, let’s have an album of the month. In truth, October was not probably the best month of this year to start with. Whilst there was nothing particularly stand out in the releases, there were some solid releases.
It was good to see the return of Fates Warning and Killing Joke, and a new release from Children of Bodom.
Fo us, though, the best album of the month came from Coheed and Cambria. It might not stand up against previous albums, such as No World For Tomorrow, but it has some excellent moments. The beautiful Peace To The Mountain and Colors, and the excellent Island and Here To Mars.
Put those together with the bouncy You Got Spirit, Kid and we have more than enough to vote this as Vinylization;s album of the month.
It’s not the expected shift to a more progressive style we thought Coheed might take, but it’s very solid work and an improvement on the previous two albums, albeit in a predictable style.

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